Beginner’s Guide to Using Gmail for Faxing in Business

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Living in the 21st century has never been a privilege as it is currently. When you look around you, there is so much to see and appreciate. This is especially so in the world of business. We didn’t use to see so much progress in the past century as there is present. We owe it all to the technological advancement.

It is possible to send a business proposal to your partner right from the comfort of your home or office. However, it is the integration of fax technology with Gmail that fascinates most people currently. Most businesses are taking up the concept and reaping numerous benefits.

The faxing theory

gmail faxThis is where business gets more tantalizing than it has ever been. Imagine being able to use Gmail for faxing. This is a feature that not so many of us have discovered yet. It would not be right to overshadow such a marvelous invention. In fact, it is the time to learn all there is to make business more engaging. Faxing using Gmail is far much simpler than any of us could ever imagine. It gets easier when you know how to send an email using your Gmail account.

Convenience at your fingertips

Faxing is considered as a vintage means of sending messages to offices. The truth is, it has gotten better than most of us left it. With all the newest features added, faxing using Gmail has never been as easy as it is. It is almost like sending an email, but there are a few notable differences. For example, it should be noted that you should not include the email address of the recipient but rather, the fax number.

Attach your documents with ease

As you send your documents, bear in mind that it is almost as though you were sending an email. You can then attach your documents to the email for easy reference. It doesn’t end there as you still have to go through your documents before you can send them as a fax. This move will then ensure that you make no blunders and send it to the wrong person or people.

A free trial for the newcomers

faxUsing Gmail to send your faxes does come along with hefty rewards and benefits. Not to mention that you don’t waste time but save it instead. Since we are living in tough economic times, it is normal to strive to save every penny that finds its way into your pocket. It has been said that upon your first trial, Gmail offers, a whole month of trial for free. This is a benefit that no one would think twice about grabbing.