A Guide To Installing Solar Hot Water System

Solar Hot Water

I wanted to cut down heating costs using thermal energy. I looked at flat panels, but because they are static, they only could provide me with energy for about 4 hours a day. I have a huge house, about 4,000 Qs. Feet and we have cold winters (-20 degrees), and I needed to have a high amount of hot water, so that’s where I got interested in solar concentrators.

These systems can produce high amounts of thermal heat and are perfect for projects that require high amounts of solar hot water heating. I got a distributor to install the solar beam since I could not install it myself.

Here is the process for installing the system:

Step 1

The solar hot water heating system should be installed at a south facing location. The dish needs to be placed in a location that is 20ft away from obstructions

A 9 feet deep hole needs to be dug for the foundation.

Step 2

Install the 8-foot post along with gear train. This piece came from one system, and so no huge assembly was required.

Step 3Solar Hot Water

Install the ribs that will hold the reflective petals. These ribs are made from aluminum and are very light. Just needed a scaffold to install the ribs.

Step 4

Install the 16 reflective petals. Each petal weighs about 7 pounds. Just simply screw it into the holes in the ribs, and you will be done in less than 6 hours.

Step 5

Install the heat exchanger and the four arms that hold it in place. The heat exchanger is a small box (10″ x 10″) that collects the thermal energy and heats up the water that is being passed through.

Step 6

Install the tubing that runs through the heat exchanger and connects it to the tubing that you installed in the ground

Step 7

Hire a plumber to connect the pump station to the existing hot water tanks. If you want more storage capacity, buy extra hot water tanks because this system can heat a 120-gallon tank to 90 degrees in 3 hours.

Step 8

Install the tracking system and calibrate to your latitude and longitude so it will automatically start tracking the sun

Step 9

billCheck your energy bill and see the reduction in your energy costs and smile. In 2011, I was installing a photovoltaic module on this system to produce up to 4kw of electricity. So that will be even more energy savings. I may even sell some of the power back to the grid.

I am really happy with my solar hot water heating system. My energy bill has dropped significantly, and I am also reducing greenhouse gasses. If you want to install solar hot water system in your home, check out solar hot water perth and have the experts hep you out.

Installing and Using the ShowBox Application


The revolutionary features of the Smartphones have made them powerful tools for various purposes. Mobile phones are no longer used for their traditional purposes only which were calling and texting.

Where to find the ShowBox App Download is one of the most asked queries. The use of the second generation GSM mobile phones is fast being phased out. The mobile phones today come with different multi-functionalities.



The ShowBox application


The ShowBox application can be described as an application that allows different individualsphone to watch television shows and unlimited movies for free. No, sign up process is required.

Various types of this application are compatible with various devices. Some of these devices include laptops, tablets, and cell phones just but to mention a few.

This is a great relaxation application. Watching movies and television shows has never been this easy. Individuals can access this application from different geographical location and watch their favorite shows at any time.

The availability of the application

This application is available for more than one platform. This application is officially available for the iOS and Android platforms. However, by using the Android emulators individuals can access this application on their Mac, PC, and laptop.

The developers of the application also offer 24/7 customer support. This is meant to address the different issues the customers face while using the application. They also provide lots of information on how to download and also install this application in different devices.

The ShowBox application

It is critical to note that the ShowBox application is neither available on the Google Play Store nor the other Android app on the market.

The Android users, therefore, have to slide load it to a device that associates with the media file transfer and the mobile device. This is by making use of Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, or the other data transfer applications.

Downloading the application

Downloading this application to the Android phone takes five simple steps. The steps are:

  1. applicationGo to the security setting on your phone and allow the download of applications from the unknown sources.
  2. Look for the ShowBox apk file and click on it
  3. Once you click on the ShowBox apk, you will be asked for permission. Click yes and proceed to the next button, whereby accept the terms and conditions as well
  4. After this allow the application to install, press the install button and let it install automatically
  5. Once the application is installed, you can now watch your movies and television shows whenever you want.