Different Types Of Packaging Solutions

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Most consumers are keen on their packaging, and some of their key concerns vary from; affordable packaging, environmentally friendly packaging and sustainable packaging that is convenient to use. However, this specification may also be industry specific as each industry has its set of regulations and packaging. However, the conclusions have been generalized. Packaging supplies in Victoria offer different types of packaging solutions. Below are examples of different industries and their packaging solutions.

Bottled water

Bottled waterIt comes in a clear bottle with measurements ranging from 0.5 liters -1 liters for typical daily consumption or packed in dozens for ease or rather the convenience for the users. For the ones purchasing bottled water, it is packed in large containers with g=firm handles for ease of portability, and they exist in 20-30 liters to allow consumers to buy in bulk. The bottles can be reused for storage purposes.

Pet food

As had earlier been, mentioned convenience in packaging is different in different industries. Unlike in the water industry where it is the quantity and portability that are essential in consideration when it comes to pet food the ball game is different. When it comes to pet food convenience is mostly considered with the how of opening the can or sealed bag, does the package show y=the ingredients of the content in the food? Nonetheless, you will also find pet food packed in sacks as some consumers will find this convenient for them. Therefore, a wise package is keen to provide both comfortable in use and also long term needs.


Chemicals are the most sensitive when it comes to packaging. Whether it is for industrial purposes, farm purposes, chlorine for the swimming pool, etc. Convenience may not be as much of a priority as the safety of using the chemical and storage of the chemical are key considerations, unlike the above products. Another key consideration is security on disposal of the package used be it the container or sealed bag. Hardly would a harsh, hazardous chemical sit in a big sack nor a quick to open the bag. For chemicals, convenience, when opening and safety while using, are key and also the state of the container after opening? Is it easy to close the container after use? That is a critical question as not being able to be well closed is a risk to the user and any other party using the storage room.


packagingWhen choosing a packaging, method pays close attention to the packaging already available. You may ask consumers what they would expect of packaging of the special packaging you are planning to offer so that it can suit the market needs.