Factors to Consider When Selecting a Crate For Your Dog


Your dog deserves only the best in every way. Your utmost care and attention are required to have your dog feeling comfortable around the house. Choosing the right crate size for a dog has been one of the most recurring challenges that every pet owner has had to battle with. Fortunately, there are credible sources that offer advice on the proper and easiest ways to go about solving this riddle. Failure to this will see your dog looking worn out all the time for lack of a comfortable place to spend its time. Here are some of the features to be considered when looking for the right crate for your dog.


dog crate

It would be such a shame to settle for a squeezed crate that will limit your dog’s movement. Go for a crate that is big enough to accommodate your dog. However, the size of the crate you should buy depends on the size of the dog you keep as a pet. This should be a guiding factor when buying a crate. You can shop around with your dog and have it try out its new crate. This way, you will avoid inconveniences of every nature. Most dog owners have been known to have gone through the embarrassing moments such as these. Returning the crate to the dealer because it doesn’t suit your dog’s size is a common mistake that every pet owner learns from.


Check on the Height

Rather than put your dog through the torment of having to stoop low when entering the crate, check on the height first. Imagine how tiresome it can be for your dog if it has to do this several times in a day. Have your dog with you when shopping for an ideal crate for it. This way, the height will not be such an obstacle. On the bright side, pet experts have come up with an easier way to buy a crate with the right height even when your dog is not present. Take some measurements before you leave the house, and everything else will fall into place.


The Material

Dogs are known to be quite violent at some point especially when provoked. Which is why you need to consider the material from which your ideal dog crate is made. When you choose a suitable crate size, look into the material used in its construction as well. It would be unimaginable to have to pick a crate that will not withstand your dog’s character. Dogs tend to overreact when they are excited or maybe provoked in some way. Which is why you must select a crate that will not bow to pressure when circumstances become tougher than usual. Ideally, a steel crate is the most advisable one to go for because you can never be too sure of what to expect from your dog.


happy dog

The idea of having to spend more on your dog’s crate than food is questionable. This is where the durability factor comes in. As much as possible, do plenty of research on how to come across the durable crate for your dog.