How To Stop Stuttering – A Guide

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Stuttering is defined as a speech disorder, which is characterized by an abnormal speech flow. In this case, speech is broken up by routine repetitions and dragging out speech sounds. Also, it is an individual’s inability to vocalize the start of words. Thus, speech interruptions can be accompanied by trembling of the jaw and lips, and eye blinking when one attempts to vocalize sentences and words. In this post, you will learn how to¬†End Your Stuttering Issues.

Talking ored lipsn the phone or speaking in front of people can exacerbate stuttering. Moreover, some situations like singing do cause various symptoms of stuttering to disappear. Studies show that over four million of Americans suffer from this problem. It is found to be frequent in children who are between ages of 3 and 7. It is said to affect boys four times more often as compared to girls. The majority of them outgrow stuttering. In fact, less than 1% of adults have stuttering problems.

Causes of stuttering

Studies reveal that there are many causes of stuttering. For instance, in children, it is considered as part of the speech development process. Also, neurologic stuttering develops because of brain injury or stroke.

Another form of stuttering os psychogenic, which is caused by mental activities of the brain. It was thought that all stuttering was psychogenic and caused by emotional problems and traumas. However, it is now well-known that this is just the cause of few cases. Psychogenic stuttering occurs in a person that has experienced severe stress or some ordeal. Thus, a person can develop fears and problems surrounding speech because of stuttering.

How to stop stuttering

Below are some of the tips to help stop stuttering.


You need to think of the words or sentences you want to vocalize and try to speak them. You should be sure of words, which you want to say. When you start talking, talk slowly.


You should inhadollle deeply before talking. Moreover, you can learn some relaxation techniques, which can help you speak without stuttering. You can also say the words in your mind and project them the right way. When giving a speech, you should avoid one particular person. Look at the above heads of your audience and focus on something else.


Practicing drills like singing phrases can be of help in regulating breathing. As you know none stutters while singing. You should avoid putting a lot of pressure on yourself. This is because anxiety is one of the major causes of stuttering.