Speed Reading Techniques – How to Improve Your Speed

Many people read out loud in their head, which means that the majority of people only read as quick as they would read out loud. So there’s a lot of scope to enhance your reading speed rapidly and easily.

Follow these easy speed reading suggestions to enhance your reading speed. Alternatively you can visit acelere 3x sua leitura for more information.

books1. Time your current reading speed.

If you do not do this, you won’t be able to gauge whether your efforts have worked or failed. Keep in mind that reading speed differs according to the material you are reading. You’ll read a dry scholastic book slower than you would read the latest thriller or a Game of Thrones book. It also varies according to what you are reading. We read slower from a computer screen than we do from a printed book. Whatever you select for your test, take down your time so you can check yourself once again later.

2. Stop re-reading words

Use your finger or a pencil to follow the words across the page and to help make certain that you don’t lose your place and go back over words you’ve already read. Possibilities are that this tip alone will improve your reading speed substantially as you stop duplicating yourself and reading things twice.

3. Do not move your lips while you are reading.speed reading

Along with reading “aloud” in your head, chances are that your lips are moving and practically speaking the words you’re reading. Try stopping yourself from doing this, and you’ll discover your reading speed improves. This happens specifically with unfamiliar words we try to pronounce them when we are reading, and this slows down our reading speed.

4. Do you truly want or have to read this? Skim initially!

OK, this isn’t a tip to enhance your reading speed in and of itself. Instead, it’s a pointer to get you to question whether you really have to read a piece of writing to the starting point. If the book or short article is for your pleasure, then it certifies. If the writing is a set piece that you’ll be checked on later on, once again you have no option. However, if you’re researching something, then the product you have encountered may or may not be useful. Skim the product to see whether or not it’s going to state anything useful before deciding whether or not to read the whole product.

5. Scan first

Speed reading 09Typically the very first and last paragraphs of a chapter will tell you most of exactly what you have to understand. Sometimes books admit this by having a summary of points covered at the end of each chapter. Enter the routine of reading these summaries (or beginning and ending paragraphs) initially and afterward going back to the parts you have to cover. Unless you’re a complete beginner to a topic, you’ll most likely already understand a minimum of some of the material and will not have to modify it again.

Once you have gone through these techniques, it’s time to time yourself again. If you have enhanced your reading speed, congratulations! Keep exercising, and you’ll likely enhance more. If your speed hasn’t altered much (or at all) then work out where you’re stumbling and focus on enhancing that area first.