Things to Look for in a Massage Chair Review


These days people have to work harder and longer than ever and resting has become a luxury that few can entertain. Getting a relaxing massage is not only expensive but it takes away precious time you could be using for more important things. The good news is, technology has brought us massage chairs that offer relaxation without subject yourself to the hands of a massage therapist or paying for a chiropractor. When it comes to choosing the best massage chair, things tend to be a little confusing especially if you’ve never bought a massage chair before.

Best tips


Kneading: Your chair will have rolls that produce a kneading motion along the length of your dining tableback moving outward This motion should feel like two hands alternately rubbing along your back.

Tapping: A good massage chair should produce the same effect that therapists produce when tapping your the back in a karate-like chopping motion. Tapping is good for promoting the good flow of blood and feels specifically wonderful after a brutal workout.

Rolling: Most chiropractors have a roller contraption that they use which is basically wheels that are rolled up and down on either side of the spine. This motion helps stretch the muscles along the spine and eases back pain.

Full tilt reclining: To get a deep massage, you need to put as much weight as you can on the chair. For most chairs, you literarily have to force the chair down into a full recline position otherwise, you get the standard 135-degree recline. The best chairs go as far as 180 degrees back.

Comfort: It is important to choose a chair that is not only comfortable in terms of padding but is made of quality materials that will withstand the weight and the action.

Torque power

chairTo avoid service calls you should look at the motors, you need to consider the origin of the motor. Japan is known as the best designers and makers of massage chair motors. They tend to last longer and have the torque power that can handle the weight you put on the motor.

Considering the price of these chairs, a low-quality motor might be something you come to regret later. Last but not least make sure you have a warranty and a money back guarantee when you chose to buy a massage chair. If the massage chair review mentions these features in detail, then deciding will be a little easier.