Four Basic Steps to Building a Business

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So you have decided to start your business, but you do not know where to start? Starting a company might be a challenge if you do not have enough resources and some business ideas. Business involves many stages, and it is essential to make sure that you have understood them before making any choice.

The business journey might not be easy but starting a business requires a lot of hard work, effort and time. However, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to understand that there is a lot you need to consider and plan before you launch it.

You need to understand that there are no limits on who can become a successful entrepreneur. Therefore, if you want to start a business, make sure that you set a great plan that will drive to see it through. If you’re going to start a business, you need to consider these following tips:

Evaluate Yourself

Why do you need to start a business? You need to use this question to guideline you the kind of business you want to commence. Once you have identified the need, you will know the exact type of a business you need to start.

When you are refining your idea, there are a lot of essential options you need to consider. First, you can decide to open a franchise of a professional company. With this option, then you will know the right aspects that will help you to start your business.

Write a Business Plan

Now that you have identified your idea, you should ask yourself some of a few valuable questions. How will you finance your startup costs? What are your business objectives? Who is your audience? What is the need of your business?

All of these questions can get the answers once you write down a business plan. A business plan will guide and help you to know all that you should have in your business.

Assess Your Finances

It is crucial to understand that starting any business has a price. Therefore, you need to determine how you will cover up all those costs. You need to figure out if you need to borrow money if it happens that you do not have enough resources.

Pick Your Business Location

Your business location is one of the best business ideas you should consider. A suitable business location will help you to achieve your business objectives. Therefore, ensure that you choose the best place that has all the features you need.

How Joining a Mastermind Group Can Help You Grow Your Business


You may have graduated from a reputable business school, but you still find it hard to translate all your knowledge into the practical world of business that you are in right now. Attending seminars like the Knowledge Business Blueprint of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, which drew more than 250,000 attendees on its launch, may help you become the astute businessman by helping you use your stock knowledge while giving you new and practical ideas on how to manage your business competently.


The Knowledge Business Blueprint encourages you to join a mastermind group that works on the idea of peer-to-peer mentoring. Within the group, you will have plenty of discussions on your ongoing challenges. Everyone in the group will be sharing their thoughts on a certain topic that is raised. In this way, you can have alternatives on how to solve problems in your own organization.


Through social media, you can find the mastermind group that you think that you can fit in. Or you can try forming one.


What Worked for Others May Work for You


Every business may be distinct from the others, but problems may all be similar. For sure, you will be able to get fresh ideas on how to go through issues because some members of your group may have experienced the same problems you are encountering at the moment. Because every group member will be sharing their ideas, you will be able to have many alternatives to face your challenges. It will be you to decide which one will be the best option for your own company to take.


You Can Choose the Right People to Be with


You can be confident that you belong to a group that really cares for all its members. This is because you can choose the members that will be part of your mastermind group. It will undoubtedly help when you implore extra care in selecting your members or the group where you will belong. You should have a thorough inspection of their personalities and expertise. Once everybody in the group has no other hidden interest but to help and get help, all of you in the group will truly benefit from your mastermind group.


meetingYou Are Assured of Support


When you have a mastermind group, you can climb the leadership board and become its leader. You can strengthen your connections and plan business opportunities together, which will not only benefit you but the rest of the group, as well. This will make your relationship closer, even helping you explore other business opportunities.

What to Know About Car Shipping Insurance

Container Shipping

Car ownership is one thing most people aspire. The benefits that come with owning one are uncountable. You are able to run some of your errands with ease. Going to work and taking your kids to school will no longer be a hassle. You will travel places with freedom. To experience all this, you need to save up and buy yourself a car. One can purchase a car from their local or overseas dealers.  Overseas dealers are the best because of their lower prices inclusive of a shipping fee. Some may not offer shipping services, and this may require you to do it for yourself. This is the time you need to look for a shipping company that will deliver the car to you.

A shipping company can help ship a car to UK from USA and other areas. One should understand the shipping process of a particular group before seeking their services. Get toCar Shipping know their methods of transportation and judge whether it is safe for your car. Ask about the period they may take to have your vehicle delivered to you. You should read and understand their terms of service. One is advised to read everything regarding the insurance policies of a particular company. It will be of help in case of any damage. The following are some of the things you should know about car shipping insurance to stay safe from hidden costs.

Written copy

Make sure you get everything regarding the car insurance agreement in writing. This will keep you protected if anything happens. The written documents should be an original copy with a signature from the relevant parties. It should also have a stamp and original signature. Keep your insurance documents safe in a place where they can be traced easily.

Check validity

It is a requirement for auto shipping companies to confirm their proof of insurance whenever anyone requires it from them. They should produce a valid insurance certificate. Ask them several questions to get clarification on their coverage policy.  Get to know if there are any restrictions or limitations in their cover.

Offload other items

Car Delivery ServiceYou should inspect your car to find out whether there are loose items before offloading them. Car shipping insurance does not cover for the transportation of any other things in your car. Some of these goods can be removable electronics like discs or music players. Removing loose items will also reduce the chances of theft, which cannot be compensated by shipping companies

Important tips for starting entrepreneurs

Starting out in business can be challenging at times. This is why most of the business never see the maturity period. Most of the business usually die on the start-up level and never grow to the micro or even macro level. The reason why many businesses fail is because the owners might not have the right skills to sustain the business. Managing a business is about skills and experience. If you lack the skills and experience, it will be impossible to gain success in any business. Here are some tips that are useful for entrepreneurs who want to gain success in business.

Tips for starting business owners

Passion will keep you goingthinking

This can never be said enough. It is the passion that you have in what you do that will keep you going. There are times when you won’t have enough money to sustain you in the business. The only thing that will make you work hard is the passion that you have in the business. Before you decide to venture into any business, don’t do it for money. Make sure that you have the interest and a passion for going on every day.

Know your market

You can never start selling any services or goods without first determining your market. A market is one of the most important things to determine before you set up the business. When it comes to your target market, the information should be very clear. You should study your market very well to know their likes, geographical location, and other things. Customers are the people to bring you profits, and they should never be ignored.

Look for mentors

If you are new to the business, you need people to walk with you. Mentors are very important for any business that is starting out. Mentors will keep you motivated, encouraged and offer you advice. There are so many benefits of having a business mentor more than you can imagine.



Apart from other virtues and qualities, you need, to be honest as an entrepreneur. Everyone wants to deal with a business person that can be trusted in the business dealings. Honesty should apply to all stakeholders including the customers, government and also your employees. All the successful entrepreneurs out there are honest in their business dealings.

How to Choose A Good Printing Company


Printing services play an important role for your business to succeed. They can make or break you. They can make you if and only if they had the ability to create your wanted prints. Break you if they were unable to abide by the requirements you had actually set.

However, much like you this online printing is also aiming to give out the best that they can to you and provide satisfaction. Choosing a reliable printing business is occasionally a laborious thing to do. This is because you want a best presentation and give out the best for your business.

Photo Printing With the innovations made in the printing technology more and more, businesses are providing printing services. They might provide discounts and plans simply to get your interest. However, do you think it suffices that you would be encouraged by this strategy?

Well, obviously not, for there are numerous things you need to think about before you render your printing jobs with them. As a businessman launching to develop an identity in the market, there is a requirement that you pick the business that will assist you with all your needs.

Printing businesses have their own paintsfield of know-how and could even provide exemplary services in producing quality advertising products such as company cards, brochures, leaflets and postcards.

If you are into business and you wish to be successful, you need to be precise in trusting your printer. Here are some tips that could help in considering a dependable printing business.

A trustworthy printing business should possess the following:

1. Experience in the printing industry. Knowing the in and outs of the industry will certainly be a plus factor in performing precise and exceptional print jobs. Their ability to carry out outstanding printing service will basically mean consumer satisfaction

Printing 042. Upgraded with the most recent trends in the printing process. Having the knowledge on the right software application and being acquainted with the recent printing innovation can help to find options to address client’s inquiries.

3. Technically geared up. The printing company has to have the right printing devices that will establish and produce excellent prints. Having totally geared up by the innovative printing devices these businesses can efficiently come up with excellent prints that will sell in the market.

With the many printers that are available online, opt for the right printing business that will certainly help you come up with your preferred prints.

Finding the best software to build your online store

online shopping

Through the modern technology, it has become a lot more convenient for the new generation to acquire any product that they desire online. Consumers, nowadays, can just go ahead and sit back while they are searching for the products that they want to purchase. For this reason, the number of online shops has rapidly increased. If you go online, you will see an enormous number of stores that are offering various products and services. And so, if you are looking into establishing a small business, you might want to consider creating an online shop with the help of a store builder software like eCom Pages.

Store builder software

cart Creating an online store will never be an easy task without the help of a store builder software. If you do it manually, it can take you forever. So, investing in a store builder software would be a smart choice. Aside from it makes the process simpler and easier, it will also assist you to build up a shop that is highly profitable.

Finding the best store builder software that you can utilize is another great challenge that you will face. This is a crucial step because putting up a business can’t be a trial-and-error thing. So, to make sure that you find the best software that you can use, take a look at the following useful tips.

Take advantage of the Internet

Since you are already on your way to online marketing, the best initial step that you can make is to look up the different store builder software that are available. You have to keep in mind that this type of software would be your primary tool for creating your online store. And so, you have to pay attention to the features of a certain software that you will come across with online. As you check the details, determine if the software that you are checking can actually provide you with the best features that you need.

Take a look at the reviews

online shoppingAnother important step that you have to make is to take a look at the reviews of the different store builder software. Read the testimonials that were written by the business owners who have actually utilized at the software that you are reviewing. From here, you will be able to determine how efficient the store builder is. Look for more information about the templates as well as other features that will help you in customizing your online shop.

How to Effectively Make Money through Publishing E-Books

eBook 01

With more people using the internet, the popularity of eBooks is on the rise due to its numerous advantages including convenience and availability. Publishing e-books to make money online has proven to be a profitable venture with many people using it to generate substantial revenues. To effectively make money through publishing eBooks, some of the guidelines you could follow are discussed herein.

The key to a successful eBook is based on undertaking an in-depth research so as to identify what kind of eBooks people want and are buying. Some research will reduce the chances of publishing an eBook only for it to fail in attracting readers and buyers. When selecting a topic to write for your eBook, do not just write a subject you are passionate about as your might like a topic which has no traction with readers. One of the easiest ways to identify eBooks that people are reading and buying is to visit eBook selling websites and make a list of popular eBooks.

Good and High-Quality Content

Your eBook should be properly formatted and divided into chapters with properly flowing content that is easy to read and understand. Having high-quality content is the best way to build your reputation especially if you want to write several eBooks. Clients will avoid buying your future eBooks in the event they buy one which has poor grammar, low-quality content and not properly formatted. If you cannot write high-quality content, it is advisable to outsource this function to experienced ghost writers and editors for a fee.

Have A Great Title And Cover

eBook 2Your eBook title and cover should be attention seeking and enticing to potential buyers. Because your eBook may be listed among several other eBooks, it is important to make it stand out by having a great title and cover that will attract readers and convert them to buyers. You can hire a graphic designer to make you an attractive cover that relates to your eBook content. Additionally, your eBook must have a good description that will make readers want to read more and thus buy it.

Selling and Marketing

Publishing e-books to many money online can only be successful if you have a great selling and marketing strategy. This ensures as many readers as possible can see your eBook. The best way to sell your eBook is via reputable eBook publishing and selling sites. You can also use social media sites to market it.

How to Become a Good Manager

manager training staff

Who is an excellent supervisor or manager? Well, this concern can have many answers however anybody running a management training program or management training course will inform you that a fantastic supervisor or manager is an excellent communicator.

This does not suggest, however, that all the other skills that a manager Manager possesses are redundant. That is not what it means. However, unless you are an excellent communicator you can not be a good manager.

Management training courses will certainly point out that excellent interaction abilities are of critical importance to a supervisor or manager. A manager needs to be an excellent communicator if he wishes to end up being good at what he does. An excellent manager is one who has a vision. But, this vision will certainly not work out well unless you communicate it properly. Communicating a vision does not suggest you have big message boards with your vision written on them positioned at strategic areas. It might be efficient to catch attention but to maintain that interest you are going to have to do something else. You need to ensure that your team comprehends your vision and shares your vision with you. Apart from articulating your vision, great interaction is important to administering a company on a day to day basis.

A lot of management training programs and courses will certainly concentrate on the communication ability. It is vital to realize that Manager talking to staffconversation is not communication. A good interaction through conversation happens when

  • You are sure that your information is understood correctly
  • You should welcome and comprehend the message sent to you
  • You have some direction to the flow of the discussion.

So, interaction ability is not practically speaking however listening also. Good interaction ought to prevent ambiguity. If there is an opportunity that a message might be misconstrued, then it should be clarified. Remember, that words typically have different meanings in different context and cultures. For instance dry day can indicate without water or without alcohol; therefore, it depends on the context and the culture. Keep Your message plain and simple and always be open to suggestions and comments.

Tips on Starting a New Business

Business Consultants 02

Are you weary of your manager? Or are you planning on a better financial future? Setting up your own business can be a rewarding path to take. Nonetheless, prior to even taking the primary step, save yourself time and money by being aware of just what entails running a business.

Spending time and money into correct planning is vital when it involves Business growthtransforming your desires into fact. The concept of running a small company is not about doing all the work by yourself from your house. It entails having essential administration skills, technical abilities, industry proficiency, money as well as, of course, a long-lasting vision to grow to be successful.

Whether you will certainly opt to be a business owner, acquire a franchise, or begin an existing business, the business planning resources are vital. The only points that will certainly be different are business methods, business possibilities, advance expenses and detailed instructions to start your company.

Below are some of the immediate objectives of starting a business:

Have Self Confidence

The structure of success is positive self-image. Question yourself, do I have the self-confidence to stand Business Consultants meetingalone and also be my own boss? If of course, after that you get on the appropriate track. People with confidence realize success sooner compared to those without. Going into a brand-new business indicates you want to risk. Self-confidence also assists you to understand your employees, partners, and even clients. Without confidence, you could not dispute solid concerns that influence business and even the tide business comes with.

Pick the Right Business

If you wish to begin a business, you ought to have the appropriate business idea in mind. What business do you desire to endeavor into? Do you have a passion for that business? Selecting the best business that you feel you could effortlessly manage and take care of is among the methods to tackle this area. Will business reap sufficient profits? Does it have competitors? If so, is the market competition severe? A market survey can aid you in identifying the ideal business.

Recognize Your Market Niche

This is an element to consider when Business Consultants starting a brand-new business or altering your old industry to one that is far better. You could have the ideal products; however you are selling them at the wrong place. For a brand-new business to survive and also beat the competition of the comparable items it has to have a far better place. This suggests readily available facilities, parking space, potential customers of the item and also few competitors.

Getting advice from experts will be a great option so that you can ensure your success.

Choosing to Work From Home

Home Based Job 02

There is an undeniable development in the number of people who opt to work from home. Mothers are at the forefront, but fathers, as well as singles, have begun signing up with the bandwagon.

Usually, they are your normal workers who want to do something work from homedifferent in their lives and be their own bosses.

There are many perks to working from the comfort of your very own house. If you have been dabbling with the idea, read on and learn about the benefits you can delight in.

First off, working from home provides you a more flexible schedule. You do not need to work from nine to five, five days a week. When you work at home. Your schedule is much easier to bend. You can even select when it is convenient for you to do your job. It may be at night when the children are in bed, or in the early morning when they are in school, and your partner is at work. With a versatile schedule, you can take care of other things whenever you have to. Drive the kids to school, get them, meet with friends, do the groceries, see the dental expert. All this is achieved without the need to take time off from work. Your wage does not get deducted, and you won’t have a boss breathing on your neck the next day.

Home Based Job Another excellent aspect of having the ability to work from home is it enables you to establish a better relationship with your family. If you are home more regularly, you get more opportunity to invest quality time with your spouse and your kids. The number of people would trade everything just to cultivate a caring relationship with their family. People find it tough when it pertains to earning money for the family and hanging out with them. If you can be with your loved ones and make money at the very same time, why will you not get hold of the chance?

Third, having the ability to work in your home helps you save money. You will not have to spend for the gas, parking, and lunches. When you commute to work by subway or bus, you probably will spend between $50 and $100 monthly. You can save this much by cutting on transportation fare alone. However fare is not your only cost when Home Based Job 02working in the office. When you work outside, possibilities are you’d also pass by lots of stores you’d ultimately end up checking out and spending in. Picture how many stores and shops you have to go by during breaks. Could you simply close your eyes and neglect the big red notice that states “SALE”? In your home, you can get to the kitchen to grab a bite any time you want without stressing over harming your pocket. Another advantage about this is you can have a much healthier meal. You can choose and experiment on your food and make certain you get the nutrients you need. No need to tolerate your usual fast food.

How To Start An Online Business

Online Business

Starting an online company is, for some, a difficult choice to make. Selecting which home based business to end up being affiliated with is an even harder choice.

It is important to discover an online business that will certainly generate a revenue in the shortest time possible. Online Business

In beginning an online company, it is essential to consider what type of business will be suited to your type of character. For example, if you are an outgoing and friendly person, you may be better suited for an online company involving sales. On the other hand, if you are withdrawn and shy, your personality might be a better fit to data entry.

In starting an online business in the house, it is important look at your previous experiences and jobs. If you were formerly working with a marketing company, then perhaps you should consider letting them know you have begun your own online marketing and public relations company.

Online Business womanThey might employ you to do freelance work for them. Another example is if you were a secretary or still work as a secretary, you can start an online virtual secretarial or relevant enterprise. Despite the type of online business you start, it needs to be something that you enjoy doing.

After you have decided on what online company that would benefit your character and previous work experience, it is necessary to consider the time commitment involved in making your dream into a reality. In order to make this into a fact, you ought to think about writing a company plan for yourself.

A business plan needs to include the online company’s name along with Online Business 08your company’s financial resources such as the quantity of money you wish to make in order to generate a profit. Likewise, it is a great idea to write down the forecasted costs that your online company may sustain. These would include buying office equipment and marketing advertisements.

If you are thinking about registering to sell another company’s products online, it is very important to investigate the company before signing up. If the company assures large amounts of wealth that can be made in a very short period, it is recommended that you keep away from them. Make a point to search forums and newsgroups online to see if anyone has reported the business as a scam.

How to Select an Event Photographer

Photography 10

As soon as you set a date for your event, you must start looking for an event photographer in your area.

Request for recommendations from friends and family members. Your venue might also have the ability to supply referrals. Many event photographer have websites where possible customers Photography can see samples of their previous work. Study their work carefully; do the subjects look happy, relaxed, and natural, or do the poses appear awkward and artificial? Does the professional photographer use extensive retouching strategies, and do the outcomes look natural and pleasing? Pay close attention to facial expressions.

Try to determine the photographer’s specialty. Gorgeous wedding event pictures require a different strategy than headshots for your business newsletter. You want to hire an event professional photographer whose abilities and style will certainly mesh with your requirements and taste.

Set up interviews as early as possible. Event photographers are frequently among the very first professionals employed for a wedding, and you may have to speak to numerous individuals prior to you finding someone who will fit your requirements.

When interviewing potential professional photographers, trust your Photography 09impulses. A professional photographer needs to present themselves in a cool, expert way, listen to your issues and desires, and go over truthfully with you the level and constraints of their abilities. Try to get a feel for the photographer’s personality, and guarantee they will certainly work perfectly within the limits of your event. Employing a professional photographer who is bossy, aggressive, or overbearing can ruin even the most carefully planned day. Ask how long the photographer has been around and ask to see more samples of their work. If possible, talk to past clients and find out if they were pleased with the service they got.

When you have selected an event photography company, you would like to hire, discuss your needs and desires with the photographer in detail. Will the photographer be using video cameras, digital cameras, or a combination? Do you want your pictures taken in color, black, and white, or both? Will you be paying for a photographer’s assistant? Find Photography 10out around how long it will be before proofs of your images will be available for viewing, and inquire if you will be allowed to keep them. Inquire about digital copies, enlargements, bulk price cuts, and any other special requests you may have. Make sure to provide the photographer you hire with a list of people and minutes that absolutely should be recorded.

Discovering a professional photographer for your event might be demanding. However, the advantages commonly outweigh the costs. Working with an event photographer will allow you to unwind and enjoy your day stress-free, ensuring your occasion will certainly be protected on film for years to come.

A Kneeling Chair Can Help Reduce Stress at Work

woman on kneeling chair 2

Anyone who works in an office sit’s on an office chair a few hours during their work day. However, those who work in certain industries like computer programming, customer support, telemarketing, etc. sit at a desk for most of the work day.

Sitting on a traditional office chair for long periods day after day can lead to back and lower back problems. Many office chair suppliers use kneeling chair the work ergonomic to sell their chairs. However, it is in most cases not possible if very difficult to achieve ergonomics with a traditional office chair. You can visit the site on the internet where you can purchase a kneeling chair that suits you online.

This is why ergonomic kneeling chairs are growing in popularity daily.
With an ergonomic kneeling chair, ergonomics is more easily achieved, especially with the natural vertical spinal alignment that they provide. However, the most important factor to consider when selecting a chair is comfort. Only an adjustable ergonomic kneeling chair will be able to achieve comfort for all body types.

The basic ergonomic kneeling chair has a seat and also a knee rest. The woman on kneeling chair position you sit in looks similar to kneeling. Hence, the name kneeling chair. However, despite the name a person will feel more comfortable using a kneeling chair as it does not allow you to slouch which means your back will remain in an upright position.

The Kneeling chair also help reduce the weight of the body on the back by distributing is between the seat and the knee rest. This will help a person not feel very tired after a long days work.

Some ergonomic kneeling chairs have supports. These are small backrests that rest up against the lower portion of the spine. Support at the base of the spine can help with vertical alignment, however the design of a kneeling chair should already facilitate this. To ensure that the back support does not get in the way if not needed, it’s position should be adjustable.

When you don’t have back pains and stress you can work better, and you will not feel that tired when you finish your day’s work.

Starting a Business? – A few Tips on Doing it Legally

Business open

If you are planning on starting a business it is imperative to have all the legal paperwork done.

Let’s take a look at what needs to be covered in order to have a legal business entity.

Firstly, you need to have a company license, a house profession license, if running your company from house, a city or county license, (depending what State you live in). However, if you are not using your name as the company name and you want to register your business with a fictitious name you will have to register it appropriately.Business startup

When opening a business in your residence, extra info is needed. Some companies need more than a city license to be completely accredited. Kindly check with your regional city & state office for comprehensive details.

While there are many businesses who are running “under the table”, so to speak, It is advisable not to do so. If you are just thinking about selling a few things from your home, do not worry too much, as you should not have any tax liability for selling your very own belongings. Nevertheless, if you begin a company to make some money, you have to take a look at the legal aspects of running a business. Ultimately, those who operate under the table will fall into trouble.

If you are running an internet company, it is not as anonymous as some people might think. Keep in mind, the government created the Web in the first place! They understand how it works! Legalize it, and you will certainly sleep much better at night!

Legalizing a business is not as complexed as you may believe, so don’t stress!

Follow the steps below so you can get started:

1. Figure out the kind of home based business you want to start. Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Corporation.

A Sole Proprietorship is the least expensive and least complex way to set up your company. Remember that a Sole Proprietorship is totally reliant upon your ability to work and have smart ideas for growth. There is no other personnel in business to rely on.

A partnership happens when 2 or more business owners form a business. Legal fees for establishing such an arrangement are typically more expensive than those needed for a Sole Proprietorship and less costly than a Corporation. The upside of a Partnership is more capital for growth and more ideas for how to grow the business. The disadvantage is getting rid of a bad partner when you might need to.

A Corporation is the most complicated and most costly of the three options. The ongoing accounting, legal, and tax reporting obligations of the Corporation are much more complex than for the other two alternatives. Corporations have boards, shareholders, and shared obligation for business. You are obliged to keep everyone notified of decisions, the company’s financial condition, and a host of other actions.

It is a smart thing to use the services of a lawyer when planning to set up a business. A lawyer will assist your choice about exactly what legal form your business needs to take. This will also help you avoid any future issues.

2. If using a fictitious name for business, it needs to be registered first Business openwith the state. Call your city & state office to find out their contact number. Typically, you can do this online. Have a look at their website and complete a fictitious name registration application.

3. Is your home located in the city? Some states like Florida need a county license if your business isn’t located in the city. If not sure, contact your local council for licensing details.

4. Completing the home business application and business license application. You could download the forms from your local government website. Call your city hall to ask for their website address and charges.

5. Forward your applications and charges to your city hall office either by mail or by going to the office. They will usually accept cash, checks, debit cards, VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit cards. Again, check with your regional city hall office.

If you visit the city hall in person, you will get your business licenses the very same day. However, if you do all this by mail, you would need to wait a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks to get your licenses. In either case, you are on the ideal track.