How to care for man’s best friend

dogs with boots

Dog’s have been a part of people’s lives for centuries. They have been used to protect property and people, but towards the modern age, they have been taken in as family members and pets. In fact, canines no matter what the breed is considered loyal pets and man’s and woman’s best friend. However, having a dog as a pet means you must also be responsible for their well-being. In this article, you will find some tips on how to care for a dog.

They need your timedog

Dog’s, unlike cats, require your time and affection. They need to be petted and played with once in a while. You may have noticed that if you go out for even 5 minutes, they will go crazy and jump on you and start linking you. They are like humans and need care. So make sure you spend some time with them during the day.

A clean place to sleep

Dogs need a lot of care when it comes to cleanliness. They are not like cat’s who keep grooming themselves always. They will jump in mud or water or anything just to play with you. So you must make sure you give them a good bath and also a clean place to sleep at night. You can buy special beds for your dog or even use an old but clean mattress for them. In case it is cold in your area, make sure you dress them up and also get them a blanket.

Healthy food

Dogs need to be fed on time just like we need to eat. You can feed them twice a day which should be sufficient. Make sure you give them nutritious food which should include beef and chicken. It is also fine to give them dog-food that you buy from a pet store but make sure it has good ingredients and from a reputed company.

Regular check up at the vet

cute dogYou should have your dog immunized on time and also take periodic trips to the vet to check on their health. Sometimes dogs can contract diseases from other dogs, and these check ups can help identify them and allow your vet to treat them early. Remember a healthy dog is a happy dog so take care of them, and they will love you forever.